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The Riaboy Family
  • Jeffrey’s personal programming/information website can be found at castledragmire.com. He can be contacted here.
  • Mark’s eye care (optometric) practice website can be found at eyecareteam.com. Steer clear of Momma Honker though (alias Mother Goose, office mascot), she has a nasty temper!
  • Laura’s website is LauraKTate.com, which outlines her interests, accomplishments, and self.
  • Pat doesn’t care enough about the internet so doesn’t have anything to say.... but you can get in contact with her here. She may twist the male family members’ (the computer nerds) arms at some point though and make us put up family pictures or old Christmas letters for her or something. Oops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that!
  • For an extended family member we all love and would like to advertise for, check out Mark’s sister’s (Carol Loeb’s) home page caroljoysings.com, which talks about her therapeutic music practice for hospice and general medical profession.