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Jeffrey Riaboy’s Résumé
This page and attached document are subject to update without notice. Last updated on 7/22/2013.
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My LinkedIn page pretty much mirrors this information.

I began programming and displaying a talent for coding software as early as the age of 8. Ever since, I have developed an expertise in software development, managing teams of developers, and in understanding client needs and how to best develop software that fit the requirements laid out by the client. Furthermore, I am familiar with the development of high-level software suites from the bottom up, as my experience with Intellitix was to serve millions of concertgoers attending the largest events in America.

My favorite type of work involves implementing and optimizing high performance and processor intensive software, preferably in C++ and assembly. I especially enjoy working on the latest technologies and bleeding edge multimedia applications in the fields of graphics, intermingled with disciplines like AI and networking.

The experience I have acquired throughout the years has made me a disciplined software engineer looking to develop and deliver quality products. I have done a large variety of applications spanning several fields which are all cataloged at my personal website (http://www.castledragmire.com).

Notable Projects
  • The most notable project I have worked on is Intellitix. I was the lead software engineer for the company, and have designed and coded all of the core software used by the company for access control, cashless, ticket management, and social media integration. The software and hardware suite provided by Intellitix were, as of 2012, used by all of the largest outdoor music festivals in North America including: Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, Coachella and Lollapalooza, among many others. More information available at: http://www.intellitix.com.
  • In 2013, I created the software for Gregory Charles’ 8 million dollar Vintage Experience project. This included:
    • The primary website
    • Voting software that handled millions of web page votes in under 30 seconds which was first deployed during the Gala Artis, a Québécois Television Award Show
    • A complete suite of control software for the stage manager to push audience content to two gigantic stage monitors and the monitors embedded in the artist’s piano
    • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to answer live questions and send chat messages to the artist during the performance to help shape the show.
    • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to order drinks during the show, and for the staff to manage the drink orders
  • In 2014, I created the backend client management and credential creation software for C2MTL, a business networking and ideas conference. I also created a voting website with server software to display graphical tabulations of real-time votes at a Microsoft panel at the conference.
  • I worked as the core programmer for Hyperwerx Inc for a number of years on a programming language that naturally parallelized to automatically take up as much resources as were necessary and available including multiple cores and computers in a cloud.
  • In the early 2000s I developed a full speed NES emulator in Visual Basic 6. It was done in this language mainly to demonstrate to naysayers that, while certain languages may not be the best suited for a task, virtually anything could be accomplished in any non-restricted language.
  • Also in the early 2000s, I ran a moderately sized community based upon my work reverse engineering and manipulating a semi-well known MMORPG.
  • Programming Languages: .NET, ActionScript (Flash), Assembly (x86), C, C++, C#, GoLang, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, VBA, Visual Basic
  • Scripting Languages: CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML
  • Libraries: Android, AngularJS, Django, DOM, DirectX, GPU ASM, GTK, jQuery, LibPurple, MFC, MSSQL, MySQL, OpenGL, Win32
  • Platforms/Operating systems: Amazon Web Services, Cell phones (Android, IOS, Windows CE), Linux, Windows
  • Applications: Flash, Maple, Maya, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc), Photoshop
  • Specialized Concepts: 3D math/algorithms and related programming, computer architecture, cryptography, databases, emulation, graphics programming, hardware integration, low level programming (drivers), networking, optimization, parallel computing (cloud and threading), reverse engineering, security, web technologies
Work Experience
IntellitixLead Software EngineerQuebec City, Canada6/2010-12/2012
Developed, deployed, and supported the world’s most advanced RFID software and hardware solution for the live music industry. My role as Lead Software Engineer was to design and code the majority of the software suites, as well as manage a team of three developers. The software suite includes the following modules: Access Control, Cashless, Social Media Integration and Ticketing Systems Integration. The system has been used for the admission of over 4 million patrons in the largest festivals in America and Europe, without any downtime, over the last three years. Intellitix is currently the market leader, and has recently won the “Most Effective Mobile Ticketing Solution” award at the Mobile Marketing Awards in London for the software solutions I have designed. Moreover, the company has very recently raised over $860,000 for Charity: Water in only 20 minutes, through a complete cashless solution. More information about the company and its services are available at: http://www.intellitix.com.
Hyrulean ProductionsFreelance ProgrammerTexas1/1998-present
Computer programming, repair, installation, security, and networking.
Since 2002 I have been concentrating on programming software; doing contract projects across many intellectual disciplines and computer languages, though mostly web based.
DeltaArc Web HostingIT AdministratorWork remotely1/2002-present
Administering production Linux servers remotely and fixing web sites on said servers.
Hyper-Werx Inc.Lead Software EngineerCedar Park, Texas10/2008-2/2010
Primary programmer for the Par++/Raptor system (Programming language that naturally parallelizes, with server and client nodes). For part of it I also headed the team as a manager.
Ticketpro CanadaLead ProgrammerMontreal, Canada4/2006-7/2008
I was hired to rebuild their software infrastructure, and ended up building multiple websites with database systems from scratch for them. I moved to Montreal for a short while for the job, but mostly worked remotely.
Qrush TechnologiesPresident/Lead ProgrammerDallas, Texas10/2003-4/2006
Computer repair, security, installation, and primarily website building.
Certifications, Honors, and Awards
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America2002
Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyTerre Haute, Indiana2002-2003
Rockwall High SchoolRockwall, Texas1998-2002
Graduated with honors
National Honor Society with 100 community service hours award
Top 5% of class

I have hired Jeffrey multiple times over the last decade. First as a server administrator for DeltaArc Ltd, then as a software engineer at Ticketpro Canada, and finally as Lead Software Engineer for Intellitix. The projects that were assigned to Jeffrey at Ticketpro were always the ones that required extensive knowhow and expertise in multiple fields. By delivering complete and bug-free products in record time, he has literally saved both of my companies on multiple occasions. His knowledge is extensive, from web programming to low-level languages, and he is impressively good at explaining concepts to users who have no knowledge of the technology used. I highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone who may require his expertise. You will not be disappointed by him.

Martin Enault, CEO of Intellitix Inc

Jeffrey Riaboy is by far the most experienced, knowledgeable, ingenious, and thorough programmer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. In my time working with Jeff I have found him to go above par with every expectation I have of a fellow programmer in the 12+ years I have been working in the field. This is to include developers that I have worked with when developing military simulation war games systems in the Defense Department among others. Jeffrey Riaboy has proven himself as a “go-to” man for literally any topic within the realm of computers and computer programming or web development. In addition, Jeffrey has an impressive level of managerial skill and knowledge that he can draw upon. Jeff’s work ethic and efficiency is by far among the highest I have encountered anywhere at any time. The bottom line is Jeff gets the job done; and it’s done exceedingly well.

Will McCready, Coworker at Hyper-Werx Inc.

My experience with Jeff at DeltaArc is what inspired me to eventually track him down to work with him at Qrush Technologies. Jeff is great at programming in many different languages and applying himself to quickly learning new technologies. He is extremely resourceful when tackling challenging projects and deadlines.

Adam Shen, Interface Engineer at OgilvyOne / Ogilvy Redworks